Why On-Site is your best option

Off-site document destruction can be risky business… and at worst lead to a security breach.

The first concern is how confidential documents are stored before they are picked up. If they’re in open bins or boxes – rather than locked consoles – they can be easily accessed by anyone.

Transporting un-shredded sensitive data also increases the risk for a security breach. Do the collection trucks make numerous stops? Do trucks sit unattended? This can increase the risk of information getting into the wrong hands.

Some companies sort paper before it is shredded to improve recycling grades – and that means confidential information is exposed.
At the same time, off-site destruction means there’s no opportunity to watch the actual paper shredding process, and really, no positive proof that documents have been properly destroyed.
On the flip-side, the entire process is much more secure when documents are shredded by a document shredding company – behind a locked gate in a truck parked outside the workplace. Security experts also recommend locked consoles for document storage and regularly scheduled service. A Certificate of Destruction after each shred verifies that confidential documents have been securely destroyed.
Of course, some businesses have special requirements and need off-site shredding services. What’s most important is that those businesses partner with a recognized document destruction company that provides a secure chain-of-custody process for document disposal from start to finish.
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