Document Scanning

CitiShred has teamed up with PowerFlow Solutions

Providing High speed Document Scanning and Scanning Software Solutions for your business.

High Speed Document Scanning

  • On-Site Scanning
  • Color Scanning
  • High Speed Copying (up to 90 pages per minute)
  • Searchable Digital Documents through OCR
  • Emergency same-day service available.

Turn Your Documents Into Usable Data

With CitiShred document scanning and imaging services, you can unlock the hidden value of your paper documents by turning them into searchable, usable data. The information contained in your physical documentation took time and money to create. Unfortunately, most organizations tend to “use once and store” their information. Once it has been filed and boxed, its value is effectively locked away. Customer information, product development, service records, financial details and more can and should be available with a few clicks—not hours-long searches through dusty paper archives.

Stop Paying for Storage

You’re not a storage facility, so stop using your square footage like one. Whether you have stacks of boxes and stuffed file cabinets onsite or offsite, they cost you money every month. By converting text to data, you can eliminate the mess and congestion caused by stored documents. You need to ask yourself how much space 250,000 pages of letter-size paper takes up compared to a single CD—because that’s how much data we can fit on one.
Reclaim your investment in company information, save space, lower your overhead and realize a more productive workplace with Citishred. Call today for special introductory pricing – 314-800-6545

Document Scanning Increases Productivity

How much time do you and your employees spend digging through paper documents? Most companies are still paper-heavy. A recent study shows that managers waste up to four hours every day looking for information! Citishred’s searchable PDF’s will help you whittle that time down to minutes.

It’s So Easy – And Affordable

Citishred’s imaging consultants will visit your offices, organize your materials, then quickly process them with our state of the art, high-speed scanner. The scanned images are converted to text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, then saved as PDF files. PDF’s can easily be indexed and searched easily using Adobe Acrobat. Scanned image files, such as photos, drawings, layouts and other non-text documents can be saved as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files. Files are provided on CDs or flash drives.

Citishred’s services include pickup and onsite high-speed scanning/imaging, color scanning, high-volume copying and OCR. Our consultants are professional, courteous and efficient and are trained to do their job with minimal impact on your staff and facilities. Best of all, CitiShred’s services are affordable for companies of any size and on any budget.


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