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Identity theft is a threat to the financial security of your family.

Identity theft is a threat to the financial security of your family. Shredding all your financial statements and mail is a precaution that every security expert recommends. Paper is still the most common method that thieves use to get your information.

For less than the price of buying a home paper shredder you can have a residential shredding service for your home. You get your time back, save money on shredder replacements, and we recycle all the paper.

If you need help choosing the best solution for your situation we’re glad to help. Just fill out our Request a Quote form or give us a call at (314) 800-6545. Our goal is to find the right solution based on your security needs, volume, and budget.

Here are three home shredding services from a few boxes to a garage full.

Option # 1: We come to you!

Give us a call and we will determine if on-site destruction at your home is really the way to go. If you have a large number of boxes or trash bags containing sensitive personal information you may need us to arrive on-site and destroy the documents in your presence. You will need to schedule an appointment for the on-site shredding, usually within 24 hours. If not, check out options two and three. We are the only Document Shredding company in St. Louis to offer three choices in having your documents destroyed.

Option #2: Meet us at Schnucks

Meet our Truck at a predetermined location convenient to one of our shred trucks. We typically meet customers at the Schnucks Stores parking lots, corner of Lindbergh & Clayton Road across from Plaza Frontenac or the Schnucks store at 170 (Innerbelt) & Ladue Road. We will meet you there by appointment, usally a 24-hour notice.

Our Shred Technician will meet you and collect all of your documents needing to be destroyed. Your documents are shredded On-Site, witnessed by you and we gladly supply you with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

Very simple, Very Convenient and Very Secure!

Once again, you will need to schedule a time to meet us, usually within 24-hours.

Cost effective: We can shred up to 10 boxes of material for nearly half our current rate. Please call us for the latest pricing and specials.

Option #3: Convenient Drop of locations, No Appointment Needed!

Customers needing documents shredded and don’t feel they have enough material to justify the expense of on- site shredding or even meeting our truck at a predetermined location now have a 3rd and unique choice in having their documents destroyed.

CitiShred has teamed up with local Hardware Stores offering a Simple and Secure Shredding option.

Bring your documents to either retail location listed below. No need to separate papers or remove staples or paper clips.

The overall price will be determined by pound, a Hardware Store Associate will weigh your documents, never seeing the contents. You will place them in our secure locked Tote through the secure opening on top of the container. CitiShred will arrive and shred the contents of the Tote ON-SITE by a bonded, insured CitiShred Technician.

NO ONE sees the contents of the secure container, only CitiShred Technicians have access to the locks. We call it the “No Touch and No See it, Shredding Process”. Our Shred Technician unlocks the Tote, the shred truck lifts the container and shreds the material to confetti-sized pieces and never has the need to see the interior contents of the Tote.

It’s cost effective, simple, secure and a responsible way to reuse paper!

The Hardware Store receives a Certificate of Destruction as proof of the total destruction of all documents.

Drop off locations

Saint Louis Residential Document Shredding Services

Missouri Counties: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles City & County, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Montgomery, Warren, Gasconade, Franklin, Washington, St. Francious, Ste. Genevieve and Crawford.

Illinois Counties: Calhoun, Pike, Scott, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Bond, St. Clair, Clinton, Monroe, Fayette and Montgomery

Citishred Document and Data Destruction will go beyond described areas under special circumstances. Please call for details and pricing.

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