Going Green

How environmentally friendly is your workplace?

Most businesses today recycle their paper documents as part of their commitment to sustainable practices. But if you’re not recycling paper securely, your good intentions could lead to a security breach.

By partnering with a secure document destruction company, you can make sure that every piece of paper you discard stays safe — from the time it leaves your hands to the moment it’s shredded and then recycled.

Every ton of recycled paper can save:

• 17 trees, which will absorb 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide each year

• 380 gallons of oil

• 4,000 kilowatts of energy

• 3 cubic yards of landfill space

• 7,000 gallons of water

Per ton, that equals a 65% energy savings, 58% in water savings and 60 lbs. less air pollution.

Make secure document destruction is a part of your company’s sustainability program today!

Here are some helpful tip s and best practices that can make your workplace more eco-friendly :
1.Watt’s up: You would never leave home with all the lights on, computers and printers running, so why is it OK to do this at the office? Using a power strip for devices like computers, lights and printers makes it easy to shut down an entire desktop at once.

2.Light for less: Artificial lighting accounts for 44% of the electrical use in office buildings. As your current light bulbs burn out, replace them with Energy Star-rated light bulbs and fixtures, which use at least 33% less energy than regular lighting.

3.Smarter heating: Create an afterhours and weekend thermostat setting. If you know your employees aren’t going to be in the office, use a lower setting that conserves more energy during these hours. Be sure to allow an override function so that it can be changed if someone decides to come in to work.

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