Residential Recycling

An Affordable on-going Residential Shredding & Recycling Program!

Heres how it works:

  • CitiShred will provide a locking 65 Gallon Tote (220lb. capacity) for your confidential documents and all other paper material that can be shredded and sent to our recycler.
  • Scheduled Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly ON-SITE Shredding Service.
  • Provide a Certificate of Destruction each and every time the Tote is serviced. In most cases this service can be tax deductable, please see your CPA for information regarding tax savings.
  • Fees start for as little as $45.00 per service.

Our program is simple, socially conscious and extremely secure. Why take chances in today’s ever changing enviroment. We suggest throwing all paper items into the Tote besides your sensative documents. Newspapers, magazines and junk mail are all items that can be shredded and recycled. Not only are we providing a secure enviroment but also allowing you to lessen your carbon footprint!

We are a NAID “AAA Certified”

Shredding & Recycling Company, ensuring compliance with the  most   stringent operational security procedures in the industry.

We recycle all the paper we shred, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, bank statements, financial records, we urge you to throw any and all paper material that contains any information about your identity into the locked  containers for the shredding process and final disposal to our local paper recycler.


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