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Whatever you do, never simply throw out a used computer before destroying the hard drive. Shredding Hard Drives is the most Secure and Responsible way to Destroy the Hard Drive. Our process guarantees unreadable material, we are NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA Certified for On-Site Shredding of Documents and Hard Drives. Located in and near St. Louis Missouri, will also service the states of Arkansas, Illinois and Iowa.

Our process includes Barcode scanning of each Hard Drive capturing the serial numbers and supplying a detailed list of each Hard Drive we destroy. Once the Shredding is completed, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued attaching the serial numbers by way of a USB or emailing the completed form.

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Electronic Media Destruction Services

2344876553224567. That could be your password. Or a customer’s social security number. Almost untraceable, hidden pieces of data exist, and they exist even as companies dispose of old or outdated data storage devices their IT departments wiped clean. But just like washing a window with cleaner, sometimes a smudge or a smear is left behind. That trace amount can be the difference of millions of dollars, if it’s the right tidbit of data.

Citishred was the first shredding company in Missouri to provide on-site Hard Drive Destruction by pulverizing the Hard Drive.The Citishred team has specialized expertise in hard drive destruction, computer disposal and electronic media destruction. We are certified for on-site mobile shredding of hard drives, as well as secure offsite hard drive destruction. First, we conduct a complete inventory, providing customers with a detailed list of all media set for destruction. During shredding, all electronic media and hard-drives can be rendered legally indecipherable if you ask for this process. Once the material is destroyed, we follow strict Green disposal guidelines to keep the material out of area landfills. Data tapes, for example, are incinerated for waste-to-energy and hard drives are recycled at a licensed e-waste facility.

For our clients, having drives, back-up tapes, floppies, optical disks and any electronic storage media become part of their overall destruction program, either by regular scheduled service or one-time projects is easy as 1,2,3. Or should we say 00110001 00110010 00110011.

Electronic Media Destruction

  • CD / DVD
  • Diskettes
  • Super Disks
  • LTO / Ultrium
  • 3480 / 3490/ 3580/ 3570/ 9840/ 9940 Tapes
  • SLR / MLR / DLT
  • Round Reel Tapes
  • Magnus
  • Travan
  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • Optical Platters
  • VHS/Beta Tapes
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