To shred or not to shred

We’ve heard common questions and concerns regarding document shredding, and whether or not it’s a necessity for businesses today. We’ve summarized our responses to those common questions below to debunk those myths.

Four common document shredding myths:
1.No one looks through my trash so why would I shred? You might be surprised to learn that combing through trash or dumpster diving is a routine activity for many thieves, and it is considered so profitable, it’s been a tactic for some organized crime rings.

2.I store my records securely so I don’t need to shred. While securely storing your records is a sound security practice, both the United States and Canada have laws that mandate how long businesses should retain records before destroying them.

3.You can’t recycle shredded paper. Shredded paper can indeed be recycled and used for a variety of consumer products.

4.My company is too small for a shredding service. Considering a 2010 EPA report found the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year; your office is creating more paperwork and waste than you’d imagine.

Armed with a better understanding of these myths, you can begin to separate fact from fiction to better tackle your document shredding solution.

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