Business / Office Shredding

Commercial / Industrial Document Destruction Process

We serve every market sector, whether it is commercial, institutional, or residential. No what type of business you have we have a secure, convenient and economical solution for all of your document destruction needs.


Lockable storage containers are provided to you at no charge

Choose from different styles and sizes to ensure the most efficient and economical solution for your business.

Your staff can easily deposit documents through slots in the containers supplied.

Servicing of the containers will be determined by you and one of our experienced sales staff, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and even quarterly. The scheduling will be fine tuned over a period of time, increasing, decreasing and adding containers may occur for the most secure and economical shredding service.

Console & Tote Options and Features:

CitiShred can be available on a periodic basis for one-time purging of files.
Either from one of our secure containers or you own file boxes or even from your file cabinets. We can assist you in the quickest and most efficient way to expedite the process. From 5 boxes to 5000, the amount doesn’t matter. Our trucks are capable of shredding 5000 lbs per hour to confetti size material.

On-Site versus Off-site Destruction:


CitiShred Document Destruction shreds documents ON-SITE only!
Why you ask? It’s the most secure way to destroy files. “Your Security is our Number One Priority”. If it can be destroyed on-site, please do so, and don’t take the chance in exposing sensitive documents to wandering eyes. Once they leave your custody no telling when and where they may end up.

Even if CitiShred is not the company for your needs, please destroy your documents on-Site!

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