How secure is the Hospitality Industry?

After coming back from a fantastic destination wedding in the Bahamas, I asked myself– How secure is the hospitality industry?

Most of us associate the hospitality industry with fun activities such as dining out at your favorite restaurant, vacationing at a beachfront hotel, or shopping at your favorite clothing store. But, there’s another side to the hospitality industry that you need to be aware of – how secure is your confidential information at these establishments?

Not very secure, according to a study that revealed more than 919 million records had been compromised over the last six years!

From point of sale systems such as ATM and Interact machines to guest paperwork, you’re providing plenty of sensitive information to hotels, restaurants and bars.

For hospitality managers and directors, it’s critical to first understand your legal obligations to protect your guests’ privacy and then evaluate how well the Security Policies you have in place are protecting your guests and your business.

The hospitality industry as a whole accounts for 85% of information breaches and investigations.
57% Food & Beverage industry
18% Retail industry
10% Hospitality industry

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